You are welcome to website. Following are conditions and rules that relate to your usage and access to web pages:, all pages, connections, tools and particulars branched there from. By using website is considered as an approval from your side as to this agreement conditions and items; that include all the following details, and further is considered an assurance of your response to this agreement purport of concern as to, which is referred to hereinafter as (WE) and also is referred to as website as well. And (Website), relating to your usage of the web and referred to hereinafter by (conditions and rules). This agreement is considered valid upon your approval and activating your account.

Eligibility for Membership

Neither person is entitled to use the website if his membership is cancelled from

In the event that any user is registered as commercial establishment, its company becomes committed to all conditions and rules stipulated for in the agreement.

You have to observe all laws in force to organize trading through internet.

  1. Neither member nor establishment are entitled to open two accounts in the same time due to whatsoever reason. The web management shall have the right to freeze both accounts or cancel one of it and further committing to settle all financial obligations relating to the account before being closed.

Accounts & Registration Requirements

Upon presenting the registration application to obtain membership in the Website, you are required to disclose certain information, select user name and password to login the website. Once your account is activated you become member in the website and you are considered, automatically, approving upon the following:

  1. You are responsible to maintain the information confidentiality of your account, your password and further approving on notifying, immediately of any unauthorized usage of your password, your account or any other breakthrough in terms of your confidential information.

  2. shall not, in any way, be responsible of any loss you may suffer, directly or indirectly, moral or physical due to disclosing your information in respect of your user name and password.

  3. You are liable to maintain the usage of website in accurate and credible matter and thus you agree to compensate of any losses; direct or indirect, that may suffer due to any unlawful, real or authorized usage of your account from your side or any other side who may acquire access keys to your account on the website whether it is intended to perform services by using the user name and password, under authorization issued by you or otherwise.

  4. You agree to disclose real, accurate, updated and complete information about your particulars as required in registration sheet of

  5. You shall not indicate, within user name, any personal communications' details; E-mail, Cell phone, personal details or the word “”.

  6. is committed to deal with your personal information and communication addresses with complete confidentiality.

  7. You agree to maintain registration data and keep updating thereof in all times and keeping it accurate, real and complete. In the event you disclose false, inaccurate, incomplete or infringing information as to what included in rules and condition agreement, shall have the full right to stop, define, or cancel your membership and account on the website. The foregoing shall, in any way, not prejudice rights to claim damages there from and its legal means to recover such rights.

  8. conduct investigations when it is necessary (directly or via third party) and claim you to disclose additional information or documents whatsoever to confirm your ID and/or title of your financial instruments.

  9. Should the person who submit the registration application, represents commercial company, all required information and documents shall be provided; commercial license, other documents of the company and/or documents to confirm such person authorization to act on your behalf.

  10. Any lack of commitment as to what stipulated for hereinabove, shall have the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block your access to the website. We also maintain our right to cancel any uncertain, unconfirmed transactions, or accounts remain inactive for a long time.


  1. You agree that we may communicate with you via E-mail or through transmitting promotion advertisement on the website, you also agree on all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications provided to you via E-mail, represent its equivalent hard copies at your end to fulfill any legal requirements.

  2. During your membership term, shall sent E promotional messages to inform you of any changes, procedures or new propaganda activities that may be added to the website.

Amendments on the conditions and rules

  1. You confirm your consent and knowledge that shall inform you of any amendment takes place on the conditions and rules agreement, via which your commitment shall be doubled or decreased pursuant to any amendment that takes place to the respective agreement.

  2. You approve that shall have the absolute authority, free from any legal responsibility, to enter basic or minor modifications in terms of the respective agreement at any time, with immediate effect, via transmitting such amendment advertisement on the website.

  3. You know that has its technical E-website on the internet that allows the registered purchasers to buy goods from the website.

  4. Membership on the website is free of charge

  5. imposes delivery and shipping fees charged to the purchasers; i.e. SR19.00, and an additional SR17.00 for(CoD) cash on delivery orders.

  6. The website is entitled to perform amendments on shipping and delivery fees as it deems fit. Any amendment thereto is to be announced via Email or on the website. Such amendments may be either continuous or temporary whether it relate to fees or shipping services, and you have to observe such amendments once declared.

  7. All fees are calculated in Saudi Riyals, and you shall pay due fees on your transactions via the website to in addition to any additional expenses may add. Payment of such fees shall be carried out via accredited means for such purpose

Payments for purchases via

  1. Payment system at for purchases conducted from the website may be made, completely, via internet through payment options available on payments system, via credit cards or any other method made available by on the website from time to time.

  2. Payment service offered by via internet which is available on the website is intended to facilitate and maintain member's rights.

  3. All prices of the displayed goods on are assessed pursuant to the market prices, which are recognized commercially.

  4. shall have the right to cancel any purchase order due to technical or technological fault in the website, that may differentiate the displayed prices on the website compared to market value of the product including the loss & suppliers. is not liable of products paid prices due to such fault of failure and paid via the available means on the website or any other recognized mean on the website. The client may claim such amount through methods stipulated for in these conditions and rules.

Personal information and transactions' details information

  1. You agree to grant the right; unlimited, global, permanent, free of expenses, irrevocable, licensed to use information or personal materials or else, which it provided to us via the website and/or advertises thereof on the website through registration, purchasing via forms allocated for communicating and registering, or via any Email or any of available communicating channels on the website, for the purpose of operating and promoting the website under disclaimer and privacy agreement.

  2. You assume the sole responsible of the information you have dispatched or published, thus role is limited to allow you to display such information on the website pages through its propaganda channels.

You declare, undertake and guarantee that you

You shall abide by and observe all the local and global laws in force in that regard and also the conditions and rules in force as to using the website.


All website contents including, but not limited to, texts, graphic designs, logos, buttons icons, codes, audio tracks, digital loads, collected data & E-programs are sole ownership of and its copyrights are maintained either to, its users, contents preparers and authorized persons which is protected within preserved copyrights as well as trademarks, intellectual, innovative property rights and laws.

Trademarks, owned logos, and other words on the website are protected by rights and laws of International trademarks ownership, as well as other intellectual issues.

Purchaser Protection shall maintain the purchasers’ rights to assist them to guarantee their purchases delivery:

  1. Should the purchaser buy goods via any of the methods available on and do not receive his goods or receive different goods than those displayed on screen, the purchaser shall not receive such goods, and further shall take necessary action in that regard.

  2. The purchaser must check up his purchased goods before delivery to make sure that such goods are sound and applicable to what he orders.

  3. Any damage of the product, excluding that originating from miss-use the concerned entity has to communicate with within 24 hours to return such goods or replace thereof under conditions and rules on the website. Responsibility

  1. guarantees the accuracy of the displayed goods on the website.

  2. is neither liable of any un-satisfactory or delayed performance of shipping companies, nor losses, nor delays originating from the unavailability of the goods or delayed delivery thereof

  3. also does not assume responsibility for claims originating from faults or negligence, whether taking place via third party or force majeure.

  4. guarantees, items and conditions exclude any financial losses, goodwill deformation or damages originating from your miss-use, or your inability to use the website, and thus does not assume responsibility on such claims

  5. You exempt and its representatives from any liability as to any claim, dispute, costs, damages, responsibility, or direct loss of any party originating from act practiced by website users, and further you waive, under laws in force, your right to file claim in that regard.

  6. suppliers and its representatives are not liable and exempted of any liability relates to sound, licensed and legal product which is used in illegal or irregular purposes. Neither person nor entity shall have the right to claim of any lawsuit or claim or compensation relate to such miss-use issue.


  1. shall adopt tangible, organizational and technological standards to offer protection from any unauthorized person's access to your identity information and maintaining thereof. Taking into consideration that internet is not safe mean, and thus your particulars secrecy is not guaranteed at 100% degree.

  2. does not control third party acts; i.e. other internet pages connected to this website or third parties alleging that they represent you or others.

  3. You know and agree that may use your provided information to offer services for you in and for sending marketing messages to you. Also, privacy declaration on such website works to adjust collection, treating, using and transferring your information of your personal identity.

Conditions & Rules Agreement Revocation

By virtue of the agreement's rules, conditions as well as the law provisions, may, seek temporary or permanent block or withdrawal and cancellation of your membership and/or defining or cancelling your access to the website, without damaging your other rights and legal means to recover your rights in case of:

  1. If you infringe rules and conditions agreement

  2. If is not able to verify any of the information offered thereto.

  3. If decides that your activities may cause you, other users or legal problems

  4. may, under its own assessment, re-activate the suspended users’ activity, as the user whose activity is suspended finally or membership is withdrawn, may be not able to register or try to register at or using the website in any way whatsoever circumstances are, until being allowed to re-cover his activities in However, if you infringe this rules and conditions agreement, maintains its right to recover any due amounts you owe to the website, losses and damages you caused to Moreover, shall have the right to take legal procedures and/or seek legal channels in KSA to commence criminal case against your as it deems fit and suitable.

  5. Any infringement from your side or others as to this agreement does not agree to waiver its right to take suitable procedures of such act or other similar acts. Further does not guarantee taking procedures against all infringements as to this agreement.

Purchasing Transaction

  1. You agree to complete the purchase transaction of the goods which you buy and pay its price through any of payment methods made available by for its users.

  2. shall have the right to refuse or cancel purchasing transactions whether the price is paid or otherwise. agrees also to serve 3 days notice to the client via any of available communicating means thereto.

  3. You agree that you shall neither perform false purchasing transactions on the website, using forged name, nor any false personal information nor using third party credit card without authorization to buy, as shall have the right to take legal proceedings to sue anybody who takes part in fraud transactions.

Illegal Contents

You, in your capacity as registered member in the website, may stipulate comments on the website under laws in force, and you are prohibited from declaring your telephone numbers or E-mail in any part of the website, as such issue is considered infringement to the conditions and rules herein.

Feedback encourages all website members to offer suggestions or feedback and it shall be displayed on the website in any place defined by the website management

Access and/or membership cancellation

Without prejudice as to other rights and legal means to recover its rights, may stop or cancel your membership and/or access to the website at any time needless prior warning or notice due to any reason whatsoever and also it can cancel the conditions and rules agreement as well.

Warranty does not guarantee repairing the damages or failures and also does not guarantee the goods to be free of any manufacturing defects or any other defects which are guaranteed by the manufacturer / supplier in case the warranty is indicated in the goods description and term thereof.

Defining the Responsibilities

As allowed under law,, its employees, directors, agents, affiliates and suppliers shall not assume responsibility on any direct or indirect loss or failures that are originating from your usage of the website. If you are not satisfied by the website or any of its contents, the solution lies on not to continue using thereof. You agree that any unauthorized access to the website and services ascribed to your negligence shall cause harm to, therefore, the website shall be forced to resorting to conditions and rules in this agreement

Safety & Security

You agree to make safety and security available for, its employees, directors, agents, and suppliers and protect them from any damages that they may suffer due to claims, failures, costs and expenses take place due to this agreement infringement, any law, amendments or third-party rights infringement.

Relationship & Notices

This agreement and its rules cannot be interpreted to carry any partnership between you and You do not have any authority to agree, in any way, and any notices you want to serve to shall be dispatched via E mail. shall reply to such notices. You already know and approve that any notices dispatched to you from shall be declared on the website or Email which you provided to us during registration process.

Rights & Obligations' Transfer

Under this agreement you grant the right to transfer any or all its rights and obligations to other parties who work with it needless to obtain your approval on such issue, based on rules and conditions agreement. Also agrees, in such transfers, to notify you of such transfers in case of any, via publication on the website.

General Information

If any Para herein is considered invalid or cancelled due to whatsoever reason, this Para shall not work to cancel the validity of the remaining Para and items stipulated for herein. This agreement and amendments thereto from time to time set out all main lines for understanding and consent between you and taking into consideration the following:

  • Neither person who is not party herein, is allowed to impose any item or conditions herein.

  • If this agreement is translated to any other language, whether on the website or other means, the Arabic text shall survive.

Governing Law & Bylaws

This agreement (Rules & Conditions) is governed and texted according to KSA law and is subject completely to bylaws in force at KSA. This Para allows alternative to be resort thereto in case of this agreement expiry or cancellation to whatsoever reason

Purchase Order Cancellation's Penalty

Should the client cancel the order after it is prepared on the system, the shipping costs shall be deducted in addition to 2% of product value representing the ordered goods booking fees.