Rabea Full Leaf Loose Black Tea, 100g Rabea Full Leaf Loose Black Tea, 100g Rabea Full Leaf Loose Black Tea, 100g

Rabea Full Leaf Loose Black Tea, 100g

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Rabea Full leaf loose tea, amazing full flavor and gorgeous golden color. read more
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Company History

Rabea Tea has been ranked among the top 100 local Saudi brands for the year 2013, and became “The House of Quality Tea.” Rabea Tea continued to develop and diversify its products over the years to satisfy all needs and tastes. Its leading packaging has also topped the market shelves and "Points of Sale" across the Kingdom. Today, Rabea Tea has a variety of carefully selected Tea from around the world to be introduced into the regional markets with innovative packaging designed to preserve its rich flavor and freshness.

Rabea Tea 

As Tea is a 100% natural agricultural product with wide fluctuations in the quality of the Tea produced, even from day to day, rabea have to carefully screen the samples from the hundreds of lots that offered in each origin to ensure only sourcing quality that meets the taste profile that fit into rabea blends. Each batch of Tea before being finally sent out to the market goes through several layers of checks to ensure the unique Rabea quality and taste. At the Tea lab, rabea constantly innovating and looking at new Tea recipes and blends. In the last few years rabea done wide-ranging developments on Green Tea flavor range and also on the Herbs and Specialty Teas.

What is a Rabea?

Rabea Tea was trademarked in 1969. Since then the company has launched a comprehensive range of Tea varieties under Rabea Tea brand to make it superior to the competing Tea brands in the region with its variety and choices.

The Company Behind Rabea

The company has taken the decision to develop and expand its business to include Tea blending and packing. At that time, industrial “revolution” had already swept Saudi Arabia in the 70's and 80's. With the influx of new wealth, some of the more far-sighted titans of Saudi industry recognized the financial and cultural advantages of establishing local manufacturing operations.

Develop And Expand Rabea Tea

• 1950: Launch of Rabea Tea brand. 
• 1996: Re-launch of Rabea brand with a variety of Teas, Premium and Green. 
• 1998: Established one of the largest state of the art factories in the Middle East specialized in tea buying, tasting, packing, distributing and. 
• 2002: First to launch foiled-wrapped Tea bag pack to keep Tea fresh. 
• 2009: Introduced new carton package innovation for full leaf Tea products. 
• 2013: Launch of Rabea Extra Strong.
• 2014: Full leaf in tea bags.
• 2016: Launch of Rabea Herbal & Speciality range consists of 7 variants.
• 2017: Launch of 4 new Rabea Green Tea variants.

Tea & Herbals 
Sugar Free 
Gluten Free 

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