Lipton Extra Strong Black, Loose Tea, 400g Lipton Extra Strong Black, Loose Tea, 400g

Lipton Extra Strong Black, Loose Tea, 400g

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Lipton is a worldwide brand of tea that is named after its founder Thomas Lipton. Lipton Tea is specially planted, grown, and chosen from their finest tea plantations in several different countries such as India & Sri Lanka. read more
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Company History

Since 1880, nature has been a tea factory. Every cup of Lipton tea is grown using natural rain, wind, and sunshine to give you signature rich taste and aroma. What’s more believable that every cup of tea should not only help brighten your day but help brighten the future of all tea farmers and their families, with the vision of one man, Sir Thomas Lipton. From humble beginnings in a tenement building in Glasgow, Sir Thomas would rise to become a world-renowned entrepreneur, yachtsman and of course, tea merchant extraordinaire. 

Lipton Yellow Label Tea 

Taste the sunshine in every rich cup of Lipton Yellow Label tea. The world’s full of wonder with the awakening taste of Lipton Yellow Label tea. Made with the top, sun-ripened tea leaves, freshly picked for their brightening, rich and aromatic flavor. A sunny sip to awaken you to the wonders the world has to offer.


• Lipton extra strong yellow label black intense tea.
• Made with the top, sun-ripened tea leaves, freshly picked for their brightening.

What is a Lipton?

Lipton has always led the way for tea, From Sir Thomas Lipton's innovative Lipton tea estate to his exciting marketing promotions, Lipton has always been ahead of the curve. Lipton is doing more than ever to ensure that refreshing tea tastes great not just today, but for years to come.

The Company Behind Lipton

At Lipton, nature is factory, harness the sun, wind, and rain to ensure that every cup of tea is crafted with natural goodness to give you their signature delicious taste and aroma. 

Tea Benefits You Might Not Know About

A Better Heart: Individuals who consume Tea on a regular basis have a 21% lower risk of heart attacks.
Antioxidants: Tea contains Polyphenols, which can provide additional benefits for a healthy lifestyle.
Healthy Bones: Individuals who drink Tea regularly have a lower probability of suffering from bone diseases.
Lower Risk of Diabetes: Individuals who drink Tea regularly have 70% lower chance of having or developing type 2 Diabetes.
Stress Relief: Not only that Tea helps with stress but the acid L-theanine can help you relax and concentrate better.
Better Immune System: Tea contains Alkylamine Antigens that help boost our immune response.

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