Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM, 128GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black

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Galaxy Note has always put powerful technology in the hands of those who demand more. Now, Galaxy Note 9 surpasses even these high expectations, focusing on what matters most in today’s always-on, mobile world. Introducing a powerful 4000mAh, an all-day battery that goes the distance on a single charge read more
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Key Features

Primary: Dual 12MP
Secondary: 8MP




6 GB

6.4 Inch QHD

Unlike Anything, You Have Seen Before!

Fantastic from front to back, the Galaxy Note9 is as beautiful as it is innovative. The metal frame features dia-cutting along the edges for a high-end, faceted style that sets it apart from other smartphones. In addition, the rear camera blends into the back for an all-around seamlessness. It not only feels good in your hand, it looks good too.
Introducing a cutting-edge processor engineered for speed, discover what you can achieve on the Galaxy Note9. Whether gaming, streaming, or multitasking, the 10nm processor, and 6GB RAM deliver performance that makes you take notice. And with access to lightning fast network speeds, things will be done in a flash.
For most phones, water is Kryptonite. Nevertheless, after being in 1.5 meters of water, the Galaxy Note9 and S Pen can keep going. They are IP68 and sealed from the inside out for the highest rating you can get when it comes to protecting your phone from both dust and water, it can be submerged for 30 minutes and still works.

A Crystal Clear Screen!

Samsung largest Infinity Display ever, measuring at 6.4' inches with up to 516 Pixels per inch and high Resolution of 2960x1440. You will be immersed in the cinematic experience and enjoy the uninterrupted view of the Infinity Display's wide Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen. The iris scanner and sensors up top were hidden away, to cut down on visual disruptions.
Also, you will see all your photos in striking detail, even in broad daylight and View bold colors and vivid action on Galaxy Note9's bright screen. It intelligently adjusts the contrast based on the light, meaning you enjoy clear and visible details, whether indoors or in direct sunlight. But that's not all, you can unlock your Galaxy Note9 using Intelligent Scan in bright sunlight or in super low light, the innovative combination of face recognition and iris scanning uses the power of both to recognize you in different environments. You can also use your fingerprint, a password, a PIN, or more to keep others out of your business.

An Improved S Pen!

The intelligent tool that sets the Galaxy Note9 apart. The S Pen harnesses the power of Bluetooth technology, acting as a remote for your Galaxy Note9. Sketch, design, and bring your ideas alive with S Pen's sensitivity, responsiveness, and control. The fine 0.7mm tip and 4096 pressure levels offer precise strokes for a sensation as graceful as putting pen to paper. No more rushing to beat the self-timer, straining your arm to take and struggling to snap an epic selfie as the S Pen takes your photography to new heights thanks to the remote camera feature. Also, take advantage of the S Pen with a variety of native and third-party apps as it allows you pull up your photos and videos in the Gallery and use the stylus to play, pause, or switch to the next one, from up to 10 meters away. In addition, for more control, you can set your own custom functions. And, charging the S Pen is as simple as sliding it back into the Galaxy Note9 to get another 30 minutes of power in just 40 seconds.

Optimized For Gaming With The Ultimate Level Of Power!

Battle your way through Fortnite on the high-performing Galaxy Note9 and enjoy exclusive in-game items. The Galaxy Note9 gives you high performance during game time with a cutting-edge processor that cuts down on lag, a water-carbon cooling system that helps prevent overheating, and an AI-based performance adjuster that ensures your game stays smooth, not sluggish.
And With powerful stereo speakers tuned by AKG, sounds become more vivid and volumes become louder. While Dolby Atmos creates immersive three-dimensional sound.  You get four preset modes that put you in the middle of a theater-like experience, whether you're playing games, watching a movie or listening to music.

The Galaxy Note9 also allows you to leave your battery packs and cords at home as the 4000mAh battery gets you through your day on a single charge. When your batteries drained, the quick and convenient wireless charging gets your Galaxy Note9 back to 100% without needing to plug it in! Just set your phone down to start charging.

The Revolutionary Intelligent Camera!

Samsung category-defining Dual Aperture lens intelligently adapts to the surrounding light like the human eye. Choosing between two f-stop modes. F1.5 mode brings in light to brighten up super low light shots. While F2.4 mode helps make sure, your photos come out clear.
The dual The telephoto lens and wide-angle lens (12MP with 2x optical zoom) work together to shoot the whole scene even when you are zoomed in or creating unique portraits. Moreover, with dual OIS, photos will come out sharp, even if the camera's a little shaky, and allows you to create dazzling portraits even in the dark with Live Focus mode which lets you put the spotlight on your friends and family by blurring out the background. The Galaxy Note9's camera also detects low light and will take multiple shots then blend them together for pin-sharp photos. It also can transform the background lights into artistic shapes and expressions. Moreover, the Galaxy Note9's 8MP front camera intelligently detects faces to make sure they are in focus, snapping a great shot is simple.
Showcase your directorial skills with Super Slow-mo. Galaxy Note9's super-speed camera shoots videos that playback to show you the moment with incredible detail, recording at a wicked fast 960 frames per second!

Flaw Detection!

Eliminate closed eyes and blurry photos thanks to the Galaxy Note9's Flaw Detection. The camera intelligently detects blinks, blurs, if you have smudged lenses, and backlighting, notifying you so you can adjust and reshoot. It's like having an intelligent adviser in your pocket.

Scene Optimization:

Get the photo that you want with just the first shot! The Scene Optimizer on the rear camera intelligently detects the subject in the frame and then chooses from different modes like flowers, food, and more, and enhances the picture to suit your subject.

The AR Emoji & Disney AR

The camera that turns you into an emoji, so you are not the "you" everyone else is. Create an Augmented Reality version of yourself simply by taking a selfie. Then share your real-life feelings like emoji stickers and videos.
Also, Chat as your favorite Disney and Pixar characters and add some magic to your selfies and videos by taking on the look of everyone's favorite animated characters! Bring your messages to life with Mickey, The Incredible, and an ever-increasing variety of other Disney and Pixar faces that follow your unique expressions

Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck

Mr. Incredible

Family Color 
Factory Color 
Midnight Black 
Screen Size 
6.1 & Above 
Display Resolution 
1440 x 2960 
Display Type 
Storage Capacity 
Mobile RAM Size 
Exynos 9810 
Number of Cores 
CPU Speed 
2.8 + 1.7 GHz 
Mali-G72 MP18 
Battery Capacity 
4000 mAh 
Removable Battery 
Rear Camera 
12 + 12 MP 
Front Camera 
8 MP 
Operating System 
Touch Screen 
Fingerprint Sensor 
Wireless Charging 
Dual SIM 
SIM Card Type 
SD Card Slot 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 
161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm 

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