Apple iPhone Xs, 4G LTE, 64 GB, Silver Apple iPhone Xs, 4G LTE, 64 GB, Silver Apple iPhone Xs, 4G LTE, 64 GB, Silver Apple iPhone Xs, 4G LTE, 64 GB, Silver Apple iPhone Xs, 4G LTE, 64 GB, Silver

Apple iPhone Xs, 4G LTE, 64 GB, Silver

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Super Retina, Apple present you one of the best display ever on an iPhone. Even faster Face ID. The smartest, most powerful chip in an iPhone. In addition, a breakthrough dual-camera system. IPhone XS is everything you love about the iPhone. Taken to the extreme. read more
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Key Features

iOS 12

A12 Bionic

Primary: Dual 12MP
Front: 7MP

5.8 Inch

64 GB


iPhone XS, The Next Level

The iPhone XS will be everything you love about the iPhone. Taken to the extreme, as Apple presents you with one of the best displays ever on an iPhone with an even faster Face ID and the smartest and most powerful chip in an iPhone. In addition, a breakthrough dual-camera system and a glass back that allows wireless charging.
The iPhone XS has new levels of water resistance as it resists spills from coffee, tea, soda, and more. It features the most durable glass in an Apple smartphone and is sealed and precision-fitted with the surgical-grade stainless steel band to help create a more water-resistant enclosure resulting in up to 2 meters for 30 minutes of submerging.

The Super Retina OLED Display. Bigger & Better

An all-screen design with rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design, that delivers a beautiful viewing canvas for everything you love to do with the highest pixel density (Resolution: 2688×1242)! The custom 5.8 inch Super Retina OLED display on iPhone XS delivers amazing color accuracy, HDR, true blacks, remarkable brightness and contrast, and Advanced color management that automatically displays your content in wide color. And with True Tone: A six-channel light sensor that subtly adjusts the white balance onscreen to match the color temperature of the light around you. So images on the display look as natural as on a printed page and are easier on your eyes.
The all-screen design means that is no Home button. But that is not a problem as you can go everywhere you need to go with a few simple actions.

Swipe Up From the Bottom & Hold

Swipe Up From the Bottom Once

Control Center
Swipe Down From Top Right Corner

The Intelligent A12 Bionic Chip and Neural Engine

The A12 Bionic, with apple next-generation Neural Engine, delivers incredible performance. The processing power and intelligence of the A12 Bionic make iPhone XS incredibly capable. But the chip was also designed with efficiency in mind. So when you put all that power into play, you still get great battery life.
The Apple-designed Hexa-Core CPU composed of two performance cores to tackle heavy computational tasks and four efficiency cores take on everyday tasks. while the Performance Controller dynamically divides work across these cores, harnessing all six cores when a power boost is needed.
Apple-designed GPU: A 4-core GPU and lossless memory compression bring big gains in graphics performance to games (especially 3D), video editing, and visually demanding apps making the iPhone XS be faster and more fluid.
Apple-designed Neural Engine: A real-time machine learning. That means iPhone XS can recognize patterns, make predictions, and learn from experience, similar to the way you do. The Neural Engine is incredibly fast, able to perform five trillion operations per second. And it is incredibly efficient, which enables it to do all kinds of new things in real time.

Say Hello to A New Era of Photography

A picture is worth a trillion operations. The iPhone XS dual camera system harnesses the unprecedented power of the Neural Engine and its ability to perform five trillion operations per second. The Dual 12MP rear cameras with f1.8 wide angle lens and f2.4 telephoto lens with dual OIS (optical image stabilization) will help you unlock new creative possibilities to capture incredible photos!
The iPhone XS also features a True Depth Camera 7MP front camera with an f2.2 wide angle lens that is capable of capturing 1080p HD video up to 60 fps. The TrueDepth camera generates a precise depth map to keep you in focus against a blurred background. Depth Control lets you adjust the depth of field after you shoot. The camera sensor features deeper, larger pixels. Deeper to improve image fidelity. And larger to allow more light to hit the sensor. The result? Even better low light photos
Also, the iPhone XS is capable to record 4K videos with wider stereo playback. With better low-light performance. Extended dynamic range in videos up to 30 fps. Stereo recording. And stereo playback with wider sound separation. Your videos will come out as if they were shot in a studio!

Camera Algorithms

Here’s just a fraction of what the camera system is capable of, the rest is up to you to discover:
Bokeh and Depth Control: iPhone XS has even more sophisticated bokeh, or background blur, for stunning portraits. And all-new Depth Control lets you adjust the depth of field after you shoot.
More low light detail: The camera sensor features deeper, larger pixels. Deeper to improve image fidelity. And larger to allow more light to hit the sensor. Resulting in even better low light photos.
Sharper action shots: Faster sensors, Smart HDR, and zero shutter lag combine to let you freeze a moment in time with more highlight and shadow detail.

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode captures depth information that lets you adjust the depth of field and add creative Portrait Lighting effects and gives you more control over your image. With Depth Control, it allows you to adjust the depth of field of your portrait photos, by simply sliding your finger! While Portrait Lighting, allows you to try different lighting effects before or after you shoot by just swiping as well. But how does it work?
Face detection: In Portrait mode, the Neural Engine uses machine learning to analyze data from the camera sensor, quickly distinguishing faces in the frame. Then its time for Facial landmarking: Once a face is detected, facial landmarking allows iPhone to apply creative Portrait Lighting effects to your subject. And finally Depth Mapping: The ISP’s advanced depth engine, combined with segmentation data from the Neural Engine, accurately separates your subject from the background. The Result? An amazing new profile picture!

Face ID & Recognition

Security is simple when your face is your password! Thanks to some of Apple's most sophisticated technologies: the TrueDepth camera system, the Secure Enclave Privacy Protection, and the Neural Engine make it a secure facial authentication in an Apple smartphone. Moreover, is even faster and easier to use. The Adaptive Face ID uses advanced machine learning to recognize changes in your appearance so even if you wear a hat, put on glasses. It will work.
Face ID does so much more than just unlock your iPhone! It allows you to log in to your apps and accounts such as banking and health apps and locked notes and private documents. It even allows you to Apple Pay in stores, in apps and online.

Family Color 
Factory Color 
Screen Size 
5.1 - 6 Inch 
Display Resolution 
1125 x 2436 
Display Type 
Retina Display 
Storage Capacity 
Mobile RAM Size 
Apple A12 Bionic 
Number of Cores 
CPU Speed 
Apple GPU 
Battery Capacity 
Removable Battery 
Rear Camera 
12 + 12 MP 
Front Camera 
7 MP 
iPhone Xs 
Operating System 
Touch Screen 
Fingerprint Sensor 
Wireless Charging 
Dual SIM 
SIM Card Type 
SD Card Slot 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 
143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm 

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